Baptism Committee

To assist the Senior Pastor in preparing for, and administering, the ordinance of baptism.

1.  See that all necessary baptismal equipment and facilities are prepared prior to each baptism; clean and restore the baptismal area afterwards.

2.  Make recommendations to the church staff regarding additional equipment needs.

3.  Coordinate with the church office staff regarding the scheduling of baptism.

4.  At the pastor’s discretion, assist in the preparation of name cards to identify baptismal candidates.

5.  Assist baptismal candidates with robes and towels; assist them in entering and exiting the baptismal pool.

6.  Assist the pastor with baptism at his discretion.

7.  See that robes and towels are laundered and returned to dressing rooms.

The church’s Bylaws specify the following for the Baptism Committee:

The Baptismal Committee shall consist of three couples, recommended by the Nominating Committee, serving three year terms, with one term expiring each year.

The committee shall make all necessary arrangements for the ordinance of Baptism and render such assistance to the Pastor and candidates as may be necessary.

The committee shall also insure that the baptismal robes are clean and available for the ordinance.




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