Nominating Committee

To prayerfully coordinate and select individuals for the staffing of all church-elected leadership positions filled by volunteer workers, including vacancies which occur during the year.  The Committee should endeavor to match available positions with the gifts, passions, commitments, and potential of each person. The Committee works with ministerial staff members, especially related to filling positions that are related to each staff member’s ministry area.

1.  Select and enlist church ministry and program leaders, church committee members, Bible study leaders, and general church officers.

2.  In consultation with the senior pastor (or his designated staff representative) approve volunteer workers before they are invited to serve in the church-elected leadership positions.  It is vitally important that potential committee members, etc., be approved by the committee prior to being approached for recruitment.

3.  Assist and coordinate with church leaders to discover and enlist qualified persons to fill church-elected positions of leadership in their respective organizations.

4.  Recruit and distribute volunteer leadership according to priority needs.

5.  Recruit replacements for volunteer positions as vacancies occur.

6.  Present volunteer workers to the church for election.

7.  In addition to standing committees and positions, nominate other special committees and positions as assigned by the church.

The church’s Bylaws specify the following for the Nominating Committee:

The Nominating Committee shall consist of six members nominated by the Pastor and Deacon Officers, and elected by the church during the December business meeting to serve a two (2) year term.

For this committee, the term shall commence the first day of January and terminate the last day of December.

Three members shall be nominated and elected each year.

This committee shall recommend to the church for election, names of nominees to fill the various positions, which are necessary to carry out the mission and ministry of this church (including replacements and additions).

Recommendations for church paid staff members and deacons are excluded from the responsibility of this committee.

Directors of the various church organizations shall be elected first and serve as ex-officio members on matters relating to their specific organizations involving the period for which they are serving as Director.

It shall be each organizational Directors’ responsibility, in consultation with leaders of their organization, to make recommendations to the Nominating Committee and after the committee’s approval, to seek to enlist the individual in the work of their organization.

The privilege of any church member nominating from the floor will be maintained in nominating for this committee and all positions for which this committee is responsible.

Considerations should be given by the Nominating Committee, as well as any member nominating a person for a position, to avoid a conflict of interest situation for the person, or persons, they choose to nominate or recommend.


Regarding the nomination of Sunday School teachers:

In addition to the practical application of the church’s Nominating Committee procedures as specified in the Bylaws (above), Sunday School teachers are nominated on an annual basis as follows:

– Teachers should be a church member for at least six months.

– Each year, all current and prospective Sunday School teachers will be presented the annual Teacher’s Covenant for their prayerful consideration.  A teacher’s signing of the Teacher’s Covenant qualifies him/her for the teaching assignment in the upcoming Sunday School year, September 1 – August 31.


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