Assessment: Nominating Committee

Take the following self-assessment to see how much you know about the Nominating Committee.  Please use the comment box below if you have questions or comments (your reply will not be published):

1.  How many members make up the committee (excluding ex officio members)?

2.  The committee is nominated by the _______ and _______  _______, and elected by the church.

3.  True or false:  The nominating committee selects deacons and paid church staff.

4.  When selecting Sunday School teachers, the following must be considered:

a.  It doesn’t matter that teachers should be elected by the church.
b.  Nominees must agree to the Teachers Covenant.
c.  A prospect for teacher should be a church member for at least six months.
d.  Both B and C

5.  When is the Sunday School year?

6.  The committee should assist and coordinate with _______  _____ to discover and enlist qualified persons to fill _______-_______ positions of leadership in their respective organizations.

7.  It is an organizational directors’ responsibility, in consultation with leaders of their organization, to:

a.  prepare coffee for all adult Sunday School classes.
b.  do all the work of their ministry themselves.
c.  make recommendations to the nominating committee, then enlist those persons for
the work of the organizational ministry.
d.  to do nothing.

8.  When does the committee meet?



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