Personnel Committee

To assist the church by providing leadership in matters related to personnel administration and management.

1.  In consultation with the senior pastor, study and recommend the need for additional church staff.

2.  Periodically review, revise and update current job descriptions and organizational charts; develop new job descriptions when necessary.

3.  Maintain personnel/policy handbook.

4.  Recruit, interview, and recommend new personnel other than ministerial and office staff.

5.  In consultation with the senior pastor, after evaluation of church staff, develop and recommend salary adjustments for all staff; coordinate these recommendations with the finance committee.

6.  Develop and recommend policies and procedures for all staff.

7.  As requested by the staff, or as the need arises, assist in the resolution of issues regarding church staff.

8.  Provide periodic checks by reviewing staff evaluations to ensure satisfactory standards and maintained.


The church’s Bylaws specify the following for the Personnel Committee:

The Personnel Committee shall consist of six members including the Pastor and Chairman of Deacons (or his designated representative).

This committee, with the exception of Pastor and Deacon Chairman, shall be elected by the church upon recommendation of the Nominating Committee.

The term of this committee shall be two years, with members elected so as to allow  the rotation of two members each year.  After serving a two-year term, a member may not be re-elected to another term until a minimum of one year has passed.

This committee is responsible for the development of a job description for all paid staff members of the church, with the exception of the Pastor.  Said job descriptions will be available prior to the offer of, or the acceptance of an offer by the church.

This committee may negotiate certain changes in the job descriptions where circumstances require, however, these changes must also be approved by the church.

This committee also provides periodic checks to insure that all staff members are performing to satisfactory standards as established in the job descriptions.

This committee shall study annually the salary and benefits of all staff members and make recommendations to the Budget & Finance Committee.


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