Assessment: Personnel Committee

Take the following self-assessment to see how much you know about the Personnel Committee.  Please use the comment box below if you have questions or comments (your reply will not be published):

1.  The committee includes how many members, in addition to the Pastor and Chairman of Deacons?

2.  True or false:  The committee will interview and recommend new personnel, excluding the ministerial staff.

3.  Periodic reviews and studies are made by the committee to ensure:

a.  satisfactory standards are maintained.
b.  resolution of staff issues are addressed.
c.  salary and benefits are adjusted.
d.  All of the above.

4.  True or false:  Changes to current staff job descriptions do not require church approval.

5.  What other committee is consulted regarding staff salaries and benefits?

6.  The committee _______ and _______ policies and procedures for all staff.

7.  Choose one:  A staff member may or may not request assistance from the committee in resolving a church staff issue.

8.  When does the committee meet?


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