Preschool Committee

To coordinate all activities for preschoolers.

1.  Formulate, recommend, and publicize preschool policies and procedures.

2.  Recommend purchases of furniture, equipment and supplies.

3.  Coordinate the use of preschool facilities, and provide accountability for the management of the preschool areas of the church.

4.  Assist the Nominating Committee in selecting preschool workers.

5.  Coordinate the performance of background checks on potential preschool workers.

6.  Coordinate the recruitment and scheduling of child care for church activities.

7.  Coordinate the training and supervision of preschool workers.

8.  Strengthen parent-worker relationships.

9.  Submit an annual budget request to the Budget and Finance Committee.

The church’s Bylaws specify the following for the Preschool committee:

The Preschool Committee shall consist of five (5) members, annually recommended to the Church for approval by the Nominating Committee (the Preschool Sunday School Department Director will serve as an ex-officio member).  This committee shall elect their own Chairman.

The duties of this committee shall include the following:

1.  Establish and maintain Preschool policies and procedures, which shall be approved by the Church.

2.  Inform the church body of these policies and procedures.

3.  Evaluate the needs of the Preschool Department, involving other committees as necessary prior to recommending corrective action to the Church for approval.

4.  Strengthen parent-worker relationships.

5.  Supervise the cleanliness and care of all Preschool rooms and equipment.

6.  Establish and give general oversight to any extended sessions, i.e. choir practice, etc.

7.  Insure that the Preschool areas are adequately and appropriately staffed during any Church sanctioned gathering.


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