Properties Committee

To assist the church in the care and administration of all property and buildings.

1.  Perform periodic inspections of church properties, making note of issues that need to be addressed; address those items within the scope of the committee’s budget and authority.

2.  Recommend policies regarding the use of facilities and property.

3.  Recommend staffing needs regarding the cleaning, care and maintenance of facilities and property to the Personnel Committee.

4.  Consult with staff and other church leaders regarding the needs and use of rooms, buildings and properties.

5.  Oversee the purchase of equipment and supplies which relate to the efficient and effective use of rooms, buildings and properties.

6.  Prepare an annual budget proposal and present it to the Budget and Finance Committee.

The church’s Bylaws specify the following for the Properties Committee:

The Properties Committee shall consist of six members, elected annually upon recommendation of the Nominating Committee, serving a three-year term, with two elected each year.

They shall elect their own Chairman annually.

This committee shall be responsible for developing and maintaining facilities, and properties, that will adequately meet the Church’s needs.

They shall conduct an annual inventory of all church owned physical property, and provide an inventory report to the church.