Technology Committee

To oversee and manage the use of technology for the purpose of achieving the mission and vision of the church.


  1. Formulate a technology budget each year to be presented to the church in a timely fashion prior to the official vote for adoption of the budget.
  2. Develop and adopt written protocols and plans for purchases and requests of ongoing and future technology needs that can be covered with advance notice whenever possible.
  3. Discover efficient ways to support church ministries through the use of technology.
  4. Engage and involve the leadership of the church to review and protect current technology systems.
  5. Document and track all use of technology including equipment, software, passwords, and technology maintenance and administrators.
  6. Encourage and promote Biblical stewardship and practices in utilizing people’s giftedness.
  7. Review current technology personnel options (both volunteers and contract staffing) and prepare a plan for the Personnel Committee to discuss that would support both current needs and plans for future needs.

The following are expectations of the Technology Committee:

The Technology Committee shall consist of six members elected annually upon recommendation of the Nominating Committee, each serving a three-year term with two elected each year; plus a pastoral staff member (or his designated representative).  After serving a full term, a member may not be re-elected until a one-year period has passed.  (Note:  The Nominating Committee will determine the cycle of committee member rotation for the first two years of this new committee. – COMPLETED)

The committee shall elect its own Chair annually.

This committee shall cooperate and coordinate with the pastoral staff, properties committee, finance committee, insurance committee, and security team.

The committee shall oversee and cooperate with the team of volunteers involved in all use of technology including internet, computers, audio/visual systems, onsite systems, offsite systems, software, hardware, and communication systems.



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