Assessment: Technology Committee

Take the following self-assessment to see how much you know about the Technology Committee.  Please use the comment box below if you have questions or comments (your reply will not be published):

  1. True or false:  Technology includes the church’s TV broadcast system and computer software.
  2. How many members are elected by the church for this committee?
  3. The committee encourages and promotes using people and their __________ on a team of technology volunteers.
  4. The committee develops and adopts __________ protocols.
  5. True or false:  Administrator passwords and scheduled computer system maintenance and not under the purview of the Technology Committee.
  6. The committee submits an annual budget to the following committee for church approval:

a.  the Board of Alderman for the city of Kearney
b.  the Budget and Finance Committee
c.  the Technology Team
d.  the Deacons