Trustees shall, as provided by law and action of the church, hold in trust the title to all real property of the church and shall represent the church in all matters of legal responsibility regarding the purchase, improvement, and disposal of such property.

1.  Execute all legal papers relating to the church, and the community, as the church may direct.

2.  Control the use of the property but only by vote of the church.  (All matters pertaining to the purchase, selling, or mortgaging of real property shall be voted on only by members of the church who are qualified to vote.  Trustees shall have no power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease, or transfer any real property of the church without a specific vote of the church authorizing such actions.)

3.  Be responsible for, and keep available, a written inventory of all items of real property belonging to the church, and file a copy in the church office.  An annual inventory of such real property shall be made and a report given to the church at the first business meeting of the new church year.

4.  In absence of the Treasurer, the Chairperson of the Trustees is authorized to sign checks for the conduct of church business.

The church’s Bylaws specify the following for Trustees:

The church shall elect a minimum of three and no more than five members to serve as Trustees.  The term of office shall be three years, with at least one member elected each year.  Vacancies may be filled at any time, with the one elected filling out the unexpired term.

These members shall be actively interested in the church.  They shall be elected upon recommendation of the Nominating Committee.  Having served a previous term shall not disqualify a member for re-election.