To facilitate the efficient functioning of worship and other large church events by making provisions for the needs of worshippers/attendees.


  1. Greet worshippers/attendees as they enter; distribute worship bulletins, programs or other literature as needed.
  2. Assist in the seating of worshippers/attendees as needed.
  3. Provide information about the church to worshippers/attendees.
  4. Receive offerings.
  5. Be alert to the needs of worshippers/attendees and be prepared to assist them as needed.
  6. Coordinate with child care workers to notify parents of needs regarding their children.
  7. Maintain order in the event that attendees create a disturbance which disrupts worship or other church events.
  8. Control the doors leading into the Worship Center for safe, quiet entry and exiting.
  9. Ushers should be located throughout the building:  near all doors, in the Fireside Lobby, in the Worship Center Lobby, and checking on the CAC, unused classroom areas, and both children’s worship locations.

The church’s Bylaws specify the following for the Ushers:

The Ushers shall attend to the seating of the congregation, pass out the bulletins or programs, welcome visitors, assist disabled or elderly, and see to the general comfort of the people, including heating, lighting, ventilation, and any other services that might be required such as receiving the church offering except as otherwise provided.

The Ushers will elect their own Chairman from within their ranks.

The Nominating Committee shall recommend members of this committee to the church for approval (as well as their term of office), as they deem necessary.


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