Man Looking Through TelescopeThese evaluations, feedback forms, questionnaires, and surveys will help you or your small group discover personal or small group giftedness, strengths, and challenges.  Use the drop down menu on this page or click the titles below.

Contact the church office to speak with one of our pastors or ministry leaders about any of your results.

Evaluation, a general guide
Submit feedback about your recent experience at First Baptist Church (i.e., Bible study, class, event, meeting, seminar, small group, workshop, worship, etc.).

Spiritual Gifts Survey
Do you know your spiritual giftedness?  Maybe you are a new believer and want to discover your God-giftedness.  Perhaps you need to reevaluate your leadership potential.  Or just maybe you’re a seasoned, faithful follower who needs a fresh perspective of God’s call in your life.

Spiritual Growth Assessment Process
This evaluation will help you complete an examination and careful search of your spiritual growth.  Without question, God does the revealing, the renewing, the empowering, and the recreating.  Your part as His disciple is to do the yielding, the submitting, and the obeying.  Enjoy learning where you are in this process.

Teacher Exit Survey
If you are a teacher stepping down from your position, this page is for you.  We value the work you’ve done and likewise we value the comments you might have with regard to your teaching experience.

Where do you want to serve?
Use this survey to volunteer in your areas of interest at First Baptist Church.


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