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There is a method to our equipping madness!
In addition to the many ways Christians train to be the people of God, there are seven areas in which the church should equip its members: *

1.  The church must equip its members to know and defend their faith and to apply it in the world.

2.  The church should equip its members to lead exemplary lives in the marketplace, particularly in today’s scandal-ridden corporate environment.

3.  The church must equip its members to build strong marriages and families.  Likewise, the church must to equip its members to train up their children in the way they should go.

4.  The church should equip its members to fulfill their various vocations.

5.  The church should equip its people to be good stewards of financial resources.

6.  All believers are called to be witnesses, both in word and in deed.  Thus, the church needs to train laypeople to identify their own evangelistic gifts and use them effectively in the marketplace.

7.  The church must equip its people with specialized training that enables them to reach out to those in particular types of physical and spiritual need.

* From:  Colson, C. W., & Vaughn, E. S.  (2003).  Being the body.  Nashville, Tenn.:  W Pub. Group.