Spiritual Commitment Guide

The Spiritual Commitment Guide* is a comprehensive and Biblically sound follow-up tool for an individual making a spiritual commitment to God.  The guide can be used by the individual, or with the assistance of a spiritual counselor, to clarify a salvation commitment and solidify the call of God on the individual’s life.

Free copies of the Guide are available HERE.


Page 2 – The Question
The question is asked:  Which one of these statements best describes why you want to talk with someone right now?  Several answers are shown from which to choose.  The answers are color-coded, providing for fast reference in the booklet.

Page 3 – RED
Section One:  Knowing God

Page 6 – BLUE
Section Two:  Returning to God’s way/recommitment

Page 8 – GREEN
Section Three:  Understanding God’s call

Page 11 – GOLD
Section Four:  How do I know that I am a Christian?

Page 14 – PURPLE
Section Five:  Questions about the next step

Page 16 – Praying for each other
This page includes the following text and question:

Obviously there are many reasons to pray together.  The Bible encourages people to take care of each other during difficult times and pray for one another (Galatians 6:1-2; Ephesians 4:1-3).  But, it is really important to know before we pray that you already connected your life to Jesus.  Can you identify in your life when you were forgiven of your sin and became a follower of Jesus?

The follow-up statement is made and prayer question asked:

If you have questions about your relationship with Jesus, let’s turn to page 3 for more information about Knowing Jesus.  If you are confident that you have a relationship with Jesus, how can we pray together right now?

The back page is a tear-off information sheet that is typically used by a spiritual counselor to receive decision and contact information for further follow-up.

* From Spiritual Commitment Guide, ©2012, North American Mission Board.