Greeters & Ushers Sunday Forecast

Greeters & Ushers Sunday Forecast for October 25, 2020

Staff member on call this week

    • Tyson Branizor, associate pastor/youth & recreation

Greeter schedule

    • 8 – 9:30am, desk:  Dawn White
    • 9:30am – 11am, desk:  Charles & Lynn; Dennis & Charlotte

Events of note

    • Today, 10/25, the Lord’s Supper will be observed in all worship services.  As they enter, worshipers should pick up a self-contained Lord’s Supper bread/juice pack located on tables in the Worship Center Lobby.
    • This week, the Missouri Baptist Convention holds its annual meeting in St. Charles, MO (10/26-27).
    • See


    • See Sunday School Schedule leaflet for current information.


    • Inquirers for Sunday School can be referred to the Family & Friends Class at 9am in room 201.  Associate Pastor Don will be there to meet & greet them.
    • Staff are available after each worship service at the front of the Worship Center.

Three COVID-related things to know

  1. When moving around the building, everyone is required to wear a face mask, available at the WELCOME CENTER if needed.  Once seated for worship or Sunday School, a mask is not required if six feet of distancing can be maintained (except for members of your immediate family).
  2. Do not place the greeter’s sanitizer and box of tissues on the Desk.  Keep it in the cabinet, out of sight, for greeters to use only.  Likewise the supply of face masks.
  3. If there are COVID-related questions or concerns that you cannot address, refer the inquirer to the office or to a staff member.  To read Clay County’s requirements, go HERE.

Church office hours

    • Sunday, 8am – 12 noon
    • Monday – Thursday, 8am – 4pm
    • Friday 8am – 12pm


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