Hospitality Ministry Manual

Greeters & Ushers

For we have great joy and consolation in your love, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed by you, brother.
(Philemon 7 NKJV)

Updated April 14, 2020

Hospitality Ministry

Purpose of GREETERS:
To welcome guests and others to the church, presenting the best first impression to all who enter the house of worship.

Duties of GREETERS:

  1. Encourage other volunteers in the Hospitality Ministry.
  2. Be in place on Sunday mornings to welcome guests, answer questions, escort them to their appropriate Sunday School classes, and introduce them to others.
  3. Distribute information and worship bulletins to guests and others.
  4. Assist attendees with small children, limited mobility, or disabilities as they enter the church.
  5. Maintain an uncluttered, pleasant, and welcoming environment.
  6. Be available on Sunday mornings near the Welcome Desk, doors, and other locations (including parking lots as needed) to assist attendees with any needs they may have.

Purpose of USHERS:
To facilitate the efficient functioning of worship and other large church events by making provisions for the needs of worshippers/attendees.

Duties of USHERS:

  1. Greet worshippers/attendees as they enter; distribute worship bulletins, programs, or other literature as needed.
  2. Assist in the seating of worshippers/attendees as needed.
  3. Provide information about the church to worshippers/attendees.
  4. Receive offerings.
  5. Be alert to the needs of worshippers/attendees and be prepared to assist them as needed.
  6. Coordinate with child care workers to notify parents of needs regarding their children.
  7. Maintain order in the event that attendees create a disturbance which disrupts worship or other church events.
  8. Control the doors leading into the Worship Center for safe, quiet entry and exiting.
  9. Ushers should be located throughout the building: near all doors, in the Fireside Lobby, in the Worship Center Lobby, and checking on the AC, unused classroom areas, and both children’s worship locations.

Hospitality Ministry Orientation


Hospitality Ministry volunteers usually serve one Sunday morning each month (more often, if desired).  The church office coordinates the team’s schedule.  Changes to the schedule should be made through the office.  A ministry team leader may also assist.

ARRIVING FOR DUTY:  On your assigned day and time, arrive at your assigned greeting location and do the following:

  • Find a WELCOME tag and put it on.
  • Tidy up the area so that it is appealing and uncluttered.
  • Get ready to hand out bulletins, children’s activity pages, Connection Cards, guest gifts, and other resources as requested.
  • Notify church office immediately of any needed resources.

ABSENTEEISM:  If you cannot make your assigned day and/or time, do both of the following:

  • Ask another team member to fill in or to trade assignments.
  • Contact the church office with notice that you will be absent, and inform the office of the person who is filling in.

Assisting guests with Sunday School

ADULTS (without children):

  • Greet all guests with enthusiasm and equality.
  • Show them the ADULT Sunday School
  • Ask them to choose a class that they think fits them. Assist by explaining features of each class.
  • Ask if they know a friend or family member at KFBC and would like to attend class with them.
  • Escort them to the class or ask an usher to escort them to the class.  Never send guests to a class by themselves.


If a family is seeking childcare and/or Sunday School class information, start with the youngest person, escort them to their classes, and end with the adults (after having offered the adults to choose a class, as above).  Parents will then have the opportunity to see where their children are located.

  • Preschool children (babies – Pre-K) should be checked in by their parents at the Preschool Department check Desk (in the hallway behind the Worship Center lobby).
  • Children K – 5th grades should be dropped off and picked up by their parents at the child’s classroom door.


  • 8:15 a.m. service features childcare for babies – 5 years old. Children’s Worship is not offered during this time.
  • 9:30 a.m. Sunday School is for all children, babies – 5th
  • 10:45 a.m. service features Nursery for babies through 4 years old, and Children’s Worship as follows:
  • Preschool Children, Pre-K – Kindergarten, are escorted by their Sunday School teachers to Preschool Worship in room 123. Parents should plan to pick up their children at either the Sunday School classroom if they are not staying for worship or at Preschool Worship, room 123, immediately after worship service concludes.
  • Children’s Worship for 1st – 5th grades is located downstairs under the Worship Center. Offer use of the elevator as needed.  Parents should plan to pick up their children at their Sunday School classroom door after the Sunday School hour and take them to the main Worship Center.  During worship, children are dismissed to Children’s Worship.  Guests are welcome to escort their own children to Children’s Worship if they’d like.  After worship, children are escorted upstairs to meet their parents in the Worship Center lobby.


  • A greeter/usher is one of the most important people a guest will meet at church.  Most newcomers make a decision about returning based on the first few minutes of their visit. If they don’t see Christ’s love in church, they probably won’t come back.
  • Greeters/ushers should always be alert, friendly, gentle, kind, patient, positive, and upbeat.  You should remember that many first-time guests are concerned about a few main factors:  the surroundings, not knowing people, and physical/social contact.
  • Greeters/ushers should always be on the lookout for someone in need of assistance, even if you are not working your assigned time. You’re always on duty!
  • Greeters/ushers should always be at their post at least 15 minutes before a service starts.  Remember, guests often arrive early to find a Bible study class or a seat in worship.
  • Greeters/ushers should always be at their post at least 15 minutes after a service begins. Be ready to assist guests who arrive late or are delayed in arranging childcare.
  • The Welcome Desk should always be staffed.  If someone needs assistance, ask another greeter or an usher to help out. If a greeter needs to accompany a guest, an usher should cover the Welcome Desk until the greeter returns.
  • Greeters/ushers should never be so busy talking to members that they don’t notice people who need assistance.  ALWAYS LOOK APPROACHABLE! Talk with friends later.  Talk to guests NOW.


The most important words spoken to a guest are the FIRST words they hear the moment they are on the property:

  • Be friendly. If you wish to avoid a handshake, and to relieve someone’s anxiety of receiving one, have bulletins in your hands:  one hand holding a bulk amount (10 or so) and the other hand holding a bulletin ready to give.  This will fill your hands and lessen the chance for exchanging a contact greeting.  You may also hold your Bible or coffee in one hand and a bulletin in the other.  Welcome with an enthusiastic verbal greeting and friendly smile.
  • Introduce yourself immediately. Be the first to speak; don’t wait for a guest to begin conversing.  Introduce them to others.
  • If you are not sure the person is new, you can say something like this, “How long have you attended First Baptist?” or, “How long have you been coming here?” or even, “I don’t think we’ve met – my name is _____.” Do not ask, “Are you new here?” or, “Is this your first time attending?”
  • Politely ask for the person’s name and write in down.  Address them by name as you talk, when you introduce them to others, and the next time you see them.  Be cordial and respectful (use Mr. & Mrs. as appropriate, as well as ma’am and sir, or Ms. or Dr.)
  • CONNECTION CARDS are at the Welcome Desk. Use to record names and other information.  MAKE SURE THIS IS DELIVERED TO THE OFFICE WHEN IT IS FILLED OUT.
  • Do not ask adults how old they are. It is okay to ask children their ages or grades.  However, be careful in guessing older teens’ ages or grades.  Quite often, a collegiate looks like a high schooler and a high schooler looks like a collegiate.  Be discerning.
  • NEVER SAY, “I don’t know” and then ignore the guest’s query.  If you do not know the answer to a question, respond by saying something like, “That’s a great question. I’ll find the answer and get back with you.”  Get contact information for follow-up.
  • Ask another usher or greeter to assist you when you need to be away from your location to assist a guest or to run an errand. When referring a guest to the office, escort them to that area and introduce them to a ministry assistant or a pastor.


  • Bibles and New Testaments are always free and are in the office.
  • Bulletins are at the Welcome Desk. Maintain an open stack for people to pick up on their own.
  • Children’s Activity Bulletins are at the Welcome Desk.
  • Children’s Worship, 10:45 a.m. service only, is in Preschool rm. 123 for Pre-K – Kindergarten; and in B10 for 1st – 5th
  • Connection Cards are in pew racks and at the Welcome Desk.
  • Emergency supplies (first aid kits, AED units, PPE kits, and fire extinguishers) are located throughout the facility.*
  • Floor plans for all areas of the church are available at the Welcome Desk.
  • Handicap Parking is located beside and behind the church.
  • Name tags are in the cabinet at the Welcome Desk.
  • Nursing Mother’s Room is in the short hallway in the Nursery area.
  • Office hours on Sunday mornings are 8-10:30.  During the week:  M-Th, 8-4 (closed for lunch); F, 8-12noon.
  • Phone service (land-line) is in the office.
  • Prayer Room is through the door at the top of the entrance ramp in the Fireside Lobby.  It can also be accessed from the Worship Center near the sound booth.
  • Preschool Department Check Desk is in the hallway immediately behind the Worship Center lobby.
  • Storm shelter is in the basement.  Intermediate shelter can be sought in Preschool area classrooms having brick or block walls.
  • Sunday School leaflets are at the Welcome Desk.
  • Visitor Parking is located beside and across from the church.
  • Weather closures/delays are announced on the church website, social media, and local TV Station KMBC channel 9. If announced, our snow schedule is:  Sunday School only at 9:30am, Worship only at 10:45am.
  • Welcome Gifts for 1st-time guests are at the Welcome Desk.
  • OTHER:


Section Greeters provide a warm welcome to everyone sitting in their section of worship, guests and members alike.  Section Greeters also provide a level of connection for guests looking for information or simply looking for a friendly person.

The six most important minutes of a church service, in our guests’ eyes, are the three minutes before the service and the three minutes after the service.  Here’s some information to help you manage that priceless time:

  • Arrive early to the worship.  Stay a few minutes after the service.
  • Friendliness is expected.  Hospitality shows you care.  Inform people who don’t know you where you will be sitting so they can catch you after service if they need anything.
  • Welcome without commotion.  A fine line exists between being friendly and being desperate.  Don’t go overboard or make a fuss.
  • Do not neglect greeting children.  If you are able, kneel to the eye level of children and greet them enthusiastically.
  • Have a bulletin with you for reference to information.  If people have questions that you cannot answer, tell them that you will find out and follow up with them later (get contact info).  Sometimes a church member sitting nearby can answer questions, too. NEVER SAY, “I DON’T KNOW!”
  • Gently encourage visitors to fill out a Connection Card and place it in the offering plate when we worship with our giving.
  • Introduce visitors to those in your section whom you know.
  • To discover if a person is new or has visited before, a safe question to ask is, “How long have you attended First Baptist?” Responses will range from “This is my first time” to “For a while.”
  • Be alert to people from your section who respond during the invitation and response time.  Don’t let them remain at the front alone at the end of the service.  During the closing prayer, you may move to the front to be with them. You may be the only person they’ve met at church!

Sections of Worship Center for section greeters


Parking lot greeters provide a warm welcome for our guests and members alike.  Greeting in the parking lot also makes a great ministry for families to do together.  General guidelines are:

  • There are normally three “shifts” on Sunday mornings for parking lot greeters.  Greeters should be in place NO LATER THAN the start time of their assignment, and remain on duty the full time (unless prevented by weather or other interruptions).  Please use good judgment regarding when to end your shift (e.g., if cars are still coming in, stay until you’ve greeted everyone). The shifts are:
    • 8-8:30 a.m.
    • 9:15-9:45 a.m.
    • 10:30-11 a.m.
  • Look approachable and identifiable. Orange safety vests should be worn by each greeter, available in the church office.  Return the vests ASAP for the next greeter to use, or exchange at your post.
  • Be in position BEFORE your start time, as follows or as instructed:
  • One person across S. Grove on the north end of the sidewalk.
  • One person across S. Grove on the south end of the sidewalk.
  • One person in the east parking lots near the east entrance.
  • If someone requests handicap parking, direct them to the spaces available at the north side of the church or behind the church where a small lot is reserved for that purpose on Sundays. If handicap parking is unavailable, do your best to assist someone in parking and/or entering the church.
  • After people park their vehicles, greet them on the sidewalk as they walk to the church:
  • Go to them.  Don’t wait for them to come to you.
  • If you know them, greet quickly and move on to others.
  • Greet in a friendly way:  “Welcome to First Baptist.  I’m _____.”
  • Direct them to the closest or most convenient church entrance (remember that the main church entrance is most suitable for strollers, wheelchairs, and others needing easy accessibility).
  • If it is rainy, have an umbrella with you. If needed, use an umbrella to escort people from the parking lot to the church entrance, ladies and children first, of course.
  • If people need information that you cannot provide, instruct them to visit the Welcome Desk or to see one of the greeters at the doors of the church.  Have a bulletin with you for reference to information.
  • If you cannot make your assigned shift, be sure to ask someone to trade times with you, if possible.  If you must cancel at the last minute, try to call the church office to inform someone:  628-5693.
  • Do not offer to park or move someone’s car for them.


  • If at all possible, have a cell phone with you.
  • If there is a medical emergency, call 911
    The church address is 303 South Grove Street, or just tell the operator the emergency is at First Baptist Church, Kearney.  Fire Department and EMS are just a block away.
  • If you suspect foul play or see other suspicious behavior, call 911 and report it at once to the church office, 628-5693.  Do not place yourself in a compromising situation.
  • If you have children assisting you with greeting, do not leave them unattended while greeting inside or outside. For parking lot greeters, use your best judgment in allowing your child to assist.  Do not let them be crossing guards!
  • First aid kits, PPE kits, and AED machines are located:
    • 1st Aid & PPE: Worship Center lobby, far right cabinet, red bag
    • 1st Aid & PPE: Basement, in Choir Room, blue box
    • 1st Aid & PPE: Children’s Area Upstairs, on top of corner shelf by Kindergarten room, red bag
    • 1st Aid & PPE: CAC, in Laundry room, red bag
    • 1st Aid, pediatric & PPE: Preschool check-in Desk
    • AED Machine: In basement, in open area on wall
    • AED Machine: In Fireside Lobby, on wall at corner across from office conference room
    • AED Machine: In Activity Center, 1st floor near SE stairwell.













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