Hospitality Ministry, Self Assessment

Take the following self-assessment to see how much you know about being a greeter, usher, or other volunteer in the Hospitality Ministry.  Please use the comment box below if you have questions or comments (your reply will not be published):

1.  The first thing a volunteer does when arriving for duty is:

a.  Make sure your coffee cup is full.
b.  Find your name tag and put it on!
c.  Fold bulletins.
d.  Tidy up the place.

2.  True or false:  The Hospitality Ministry’s schedule is coordinated through the church office.

3.  What should you do when you cannot fulfill your assigned time on Sunday morning?

4.  Tithes and offerings are received only by:

a.  first time guests
b.  the pastoral staff
c.  the ushers
d.  none of the above

5.  If a family is seeking Sunday School class information, assist the _______ person first, escorting them to Sunday School class and introducing the _______ to the teacher.

6.  Choose the best comments to say when meeting a probable first time guest:

a.  Are you new here?
b.  I don’t think we’ve met – my name is _____.
c.  Sorry, we’re all out of bulletins.
d.  I’d like to introduce you to my Sunday School teacher.
e.  How long have you attended First Baptist?
f.  Just a minute…  I’ll be right with you.
g.  Would you like an offering envelope?
h.  Welcome to First Baptist Church – let me know how I can assist you.
i.  I don’t know.  Go talk to the pastor.
j.  You know, that’a good question.  I’ll be glad to find the answer.

7.  True or false:  Point the way to a Sunday School class and then get ready to assist the next person you meet.

8.  Most newcomers make a decision about returning based on the first _____ minutes of their visit.

9.  Describe how you would assist an adult in choosing a Sunday School class to attend.

10.  You only have one chance to make a good

a.  first impression
b.  three cheese omelet
c.  list of items needed at the welcome desk
d.  solitaire move on your iPhone


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