Parking Lot Greeters


PARKING LOT GREETERS at Kearney first Baptist Church


Situations to avoid!

Parking lot greeters provide a warm welcome for our guests and members alike.  Greeting in the parking lot also makes a great ministry for families to do together.  Parents and teenagers make good teams (e.g., Father & Son/Grandson teams).




General guidelines are:

  • There are normally three “shifts” on Sunday mornings for parking lot greeters.  Greeters should be in place 10 minutes before the start time of their assignment, and remain on duty the full time unless prevented by weather or other interruptions.  Please use good judgment regarding when to end your shift (e.g., if cars are still coming in, stay until you’ve greeted everyone). The shifts are:
    • 8-8:30 a.m.
    • 9:15-9:45 a.m.
    • 10:30-11 a.m.
  • Children/grandchildren are welcome to greet with their parents/grandparents.  Because of moving traffic concerns, children under the age of 16 (the driving age) should not be in the parking lot or roadside.
  • Look approachable and identifiable. Orange safety vests should be worn by each greeter, available in the church office.  Return the vests ASAP for the next greeter to use or exchange at your post.
  • Be in position BEFORE your start time, as follows or as instructed:
    • One person across S. Grove on the north end of the sidewalk.
    • One person across S. Grove on the south end of the sidewalk.
    • One person/team in east lots, that is, the bus-barn/playground area:  control no parking in front of bus-barn or along curb near playground.
  • If someone requests handicap parking, direct them to the spaces available at the north side of the church or behind the church where a small lot is reserved for that purpose on Sunday mornings.  If handicap parking is unavailable, do your best to assist someone in parking and/or entering the church.
  • After people park their vehicles, greet them on the sidewalk or in a safe area of the parking area as they walk to the church:
    • Go to them.  Don’t wait for them to come to you.
    • If you know them, greet quickly and move on to others.
    • Greet in a friendly way:  “Welcome to First Baptist.  I’m _____.”
    • Direct them to the closest or most convenient church entrance (remember that the main church entrance is most suitable for strollers, wheelchairs, and others needing easy accessibility).
  • If it is rainy, have an umbrella with you. If needed, use an umbrella to escort people from the parking lot to the church entrance, ladies and children first, of course.
  • If people need information that you cannot provide, instruct them to visit the Welcome Station in the Fireside Lobby or to see one of the greeters at the doors of the church.  Have a bulletin with you for reference to information.
  • If you cannot make your assigned shift, be sure to ask someone to trade times with you, if possible.  If you must cancel at the last minute, try to call the church office to inform someone:  628-5693.
  • Do not offer to park or move someone’s car for them.
  • Adults only should be crossing guards.




  • If at all possible, have a cell phone with you.
  • If there is a medical emergency, call 911.

    The church address is 303 South Grove Street, or just tell the operator the emergency is at First Baptist Church, Kearney.  Fire Department and EMS are just a block away.
  • If you suspect foul play or see other suspicious behavior, call 911 and report it at once to the church office, 628-5693.  Do not place yourself in a compromising situation.
  • If you have children assisting you with greeting inside, do not leave them unattended.  For parking lot greeters, please allow only your children 16 years of age or older to greet with you.  Adults only should be crossing guards!
  • First aid kits & AED machines are in the following locations:
    • 1st Aid: Worship Center lobby, far right cabinet, red bag
    • 1st Aid: Basement, in Choir Room, blue box
    • 1st Aid: Children’s Area Upstairs, on top of corner shelf by Kindergarten room, red bag
    • 1st Aid: CAC, in Laundry room, red bag
    • 1st Aid, pediatric: Preschool check-in station
    • AED Machine: In basement, in open area on wall
    • AED Machine: In Fireside Lobby, on wall at corner across from office conference room
    • AED Machine: In Activity Center, 1st floor near SE stairwell.