How do I become a member of Kearney First Baptist Church

Is church membership important?  Yes!  Membership helps the church identify believers in Jesus who are committed to engage and support the work and mission of the church.  We receive new members in the following ways:

  • If you are a new believer in Jesus, believer’s baptism by immersion in water is a great first step. It will also extend to you church membership.
  • If you have already experienced believer’s baptism by immersion in water at another evangelical church and you share our faith statements, you may become a member by requesting to transfer your membership.  (Under certain circumstances, you may provide a statement asserting that you have experienced believer’s baptism by immersion in water, and that you share our faith statements.)

We welcome your inquiry into membership.  You may come forward after the message to speak with a pastor, or you may discuss your decision at any time by contacting one of KFBC’s pastors or leaders.

For more information on our faith statements, see The Baptist Faith & Message (2000).