Abiding and Abounding, Prayer Resources

Go to Abiding and Abounding for all session notes.

Some Specific Prayer Resources
The 29:59 Plan (www.pray2959.com)


Transforming Prayer by Daniel Henderson
A Call to Spiritual Reformation by D. A. Carson (or Praying with Paul)

Models for Praying

1.  The ACTS Model:

Adoration     Confession     Thanksgiving     Supplication

2.  The Lord’s Prayer, Phrase by Phrase (see Matthew 6:9-13)

– Begin by praising God and acknowledging Him for who He is.

– Pray for the honor and glory of God’s name.

– Pray for Kingdom requests (churches, pastors, missionaries, etc.)

– Pray for God’s will to be done (in your life, situation, church, etc.).

– Pray for the physical needs of yourself and others.

– Pray for forgiveness, including any broken or strained relationships.

– Pray for spiritual power and protection for yourself and others.

3.  Praying Scripture with the 3 R’s: Rejoice, Repent, Request

4.  The Five-Finger Prayer

5 Finger Prayer



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