His Name Was Robert Raikes


Not the famous Raikes of the 18th century who pioneered the Sunday School movement in England.  This Robert Raikes was a horse.

Robert Raikes pulled a buggy through the American countryside for many years.  If horses could talk, he would tell about the thousands of Sunday Schools started by his master.  If horses could talk, this one would speak of people, young and old, who flocked to the buggy-side to hear about Jesus.

Robert Raikes had an unusual habit of always stopping without command from his master when he approached a child.  If horses could talk, we’d know why he did that.  But I think we do know already.

Each child was important.  Each child was so important that every facet of Robert Raikes’ master’s life was gleaming with hope of teaching a child about Jesus.*

So it is with our Master.  Our Lord.  Jesus.  “Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14).

Without command from the Master, are you stopping for every child?

Sunday School always needs some Robert Raikes – not the horse…  YOU!  It’s not a lifetime appointment.  In fact, just volunteer for a year and then share the joy with others.  During that year, your joy will come from bringing JOY into the lives of others – men, women, teens, children, babies.  Will you stop for every child.

KFBC will equip you and stand with you.  Families are coming.  Children are coming.

Will you stop for them?  Will you be their Robert Raikes?

* Francis, David.  (2011).  Missionary Sunday school.  LifeWay:  Nashville, TN.