In It Together in Sunday School

In It together in Sunday School
Restarting August 30!

Preschool and Children’s Sunday School will be offered at 9am and 10am.  Initially, all teachers for these classes will be scheduled to rotate once a month.  Youth Sunday School will meet at 10am.  Teachers will be coordinated likewise.  Each of these departments will have combined classes until we reach a saturation point of returning to age or class graded classes, or until safety guidelines are lifted.  Each adult class has been assigned either a 9am or 10am time slot and location.

Here is our Sunday School plan for restarting:

8am:  Worship only

9am:  Worship & Sunday School

  • Nursery
  • Preschool (1-5 year olds, divided as needed), Preschool Department
  • Children (initially one class, K-5th grades), 3rd grade classroom
  • No Youth (initially)
  • Adults:
    1. Family & Friends, Activity Center (outreach to new attenders)
    2. Family 2 – with Family & Friends in the gym (for now)
    3. Young Adults, room 211
    4. Multi-generation, room 104
    5. Life Builders, room B10
    6. Overcomers, room B14

10am:  Worship & Sunday School

  • Nursery
  • Preschool (1-5 year olds, divided as needed), Preschool Department
  • Children (initially one class, K-5th grades), 3rd grade classroom
  • Youth, in Youth Department
  • Adults:
    1. College & Career, room 209
    2. Family 1, room B10
    3. Serendipity/Solo Moms, room B15
    4. Multi-generation, room 104
    5. M.A.S.H., room B13
    6. Truth Chasers, room 202

Information about new class, Family & Friends

One of the target groups in our restart is new attenders in worship, of which we’ve had many.  As we outreach to them regarding Bible study in Sunday School, the gym makes class easy for them to find.  The new class at 9am & 10am, called Family & Friends, fulfills something we started in February as a connection point for people (singles, couples, and families alike) to attend, meet others, and be introduced to other Sunday School opportunities for them and/or their children.  It’s a base of operations for our Connection Coaches.  We also encourage all adult classes to send their own “ambassadors” to Family & Friends to help with the assimilation process.

Another purpose for Family & Friends is to provide a larger area for people to attend who might not feel comfortable in their own, smaller classroom right now.  The gym offers better distancing.  This applies across the board for families with young children who might choose to attend the class together, older members, and anyone else having need for real distancing.

Regular attending families not in Sunday School may choose to study the Bible together around tables as a way to connect in Sunday School (we had several families like that in February).

We’ll be using Explore the Bible curriculum in Family & Friends, which will make it easy and consistent for new attenders to transition to another adult class that teaches the same series (children’s classes also use ETB).

Information about Curriculum

As a way to save our church money, we cancelled the curriculum order for Fall 2020.  Since we already received and paid for the Summer 2020 curriculum and didn’t get a chance to use it, we will be using that in most classes this fall.  If your class needs new curriculum (as a few do), we will get that ordered.

Prepare Your Room

Most Sunday School classrooms have not been in use since March.  Teachers are encouraged to clean and sanitize things as needed before our restart date.  Sunday School class members or parents of children-members, are all invited to assist.  Some classes are planning now to do this.

Getting the Word Out

Yes!  Help get the word out!  Contact class members about the restarting of Sunday School on August 30.  Information posters, brochures, and screen slides will be sharing more information.