Children Sunday School Teacher

The Children’s Ministry at First Baptist Church includes all children birth through 5th grades.  The ministry serves families in two departments:

Children’s Ministry, which includes kids in Kindergarten through 5th grades
Preschool Ministry, which includes kids from newborns through Pre-K

The church’s Children’s Ministry Director oversees both ministries.  For more information about Children’s Ministry at KFBC, click Children’s Ministry.

Children’s Sunday School classes are located on the second floor of the main building.  Click KFBC Sunday School to see a current list of classroom numbers and teachers.

New Curriculum starts March 4
Our Preschool, Children, and Youth Departments will be starting LifeWay’s new & improved Explore the Bible curriculum starting march 4.  Children’s teachers (and parents):  Watch a short introduction to the material below:

What happens on Sunday morning?
Children’s Sunday School teachers should be in their classes at least 15 minutes prior to class starting (Sunday School starts at 9:30 a.m., so be in class at 9:15!).  This provides opportunity to greet children as they enter for class and to meet parents who escort their children to class.

As class begins, record attendance on the roll usually located in a holder on the outside of your door.  Return it there as soon as possible.  It will be collected during the first half of the Sunday School hour!

Be sure to enroll new members and/or record visitors using the forms also provided in the holder outside your door.  Completed forms will be picked up with the roll.

All Children’s Sunday School classes use preselected curriculum that is chosen by the pastoral staff in consultation with the Children Sunday School teachers.  Orientation and training for using that material is available and can be done one-on-one.  Contact the church office for assistance or questions about curriculum.

We maintain a list of qualified members who gladly substitute teach for Children Sunday School teachers.  Simply contact the office and we will assist you in making contact.

The following short videos discuss good teaching techniques, habits, and practices applicable to our Children’s Sunday School ministry at Kearney First Baptist Church:




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