Assessing Children Sunday School

Periodically, we assess Sunday School classes to see what we’re doing right and what we need to do better.  The following is our assessment tool for Children Sunday School classes.

Current teachers:  Answer and/or make comments on each question.  Use the COMMENTS BOX on this page to submit your answers or suggestions.  (Comments will be reviewed by the Christian Education staff, but will NOT be posted or made public.)

Teachers in orientation:  Read and familiarize yourself with each question.  Think about what you will do so you can answer each question in a positive way.  (You are welcome to make comments or ask questions in the COMMENTs BOX below.  Comments will be reviewed by the Christian Education staff but will NOT be posted or made public.)

1.  Are the workers present early and ready for the first child?

2.  Are children greeted warmly as they arrive?

3.  Is the department room warm, inviting, uncluttered?

4.  Are materials in the room arranged on the child’s level?

5.  Is the department furniture on the child’s level?

6.  Are the bulletin boards, visuals, etc. on the theme of the unit being taught?

7.  Do the workers call the children by name?

8  Is the department arranged for best use of space (uncrowded, activities, etc.)?

9.  Are books, Bibles, art materials, and other supplies needed for the unit in progress available in the room so that learners have access to them?

10.  Are children allowed to think, plan, make decisions, and take responsibility rather than teachers dominating?

11.  Are the children allowed to choose from a variety of activities?

12.  Is the Bible in evidence in the department during projects and activities?

13.  Are children helped to feel a sense of accomplishment?

14.  Does the department reflect a good ratio of pupils to teachers?

15.  Do the children help clean up and return materials and supplies?

16.  Do the teachers seem to enjoy teaching?

17.  Do the children seem to enjoy the projects and activities?

18.  During any large group time, do teachers act as facilitators rather than spectators?


(Comments will NOT be posted or made public.)



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