Assessing Youth Sunday School

Periodically, we assess Sunday School classes to see what we’re doing right and what we need to do better.  The following is our assessment tool for Youth Sunday School classes.

Current teachers:  Answer and/or make comments on each question.  Use the COMMENT BOX on this page to submit your answers or suggestions.  (Comments will NOT be posted or made public.)

Teachers in orientation:  Read and familiarize yourself with each question.  Think about what you will do so you can answer each question in a positive way.  (You are welcome to make comments or ask questions in the COMMENT BOX below.  Comments will NOT be posted or made public.)

____    1.  Is the room arranged for member involvement?

____    2.  Do the workers arrive before the first member?

____    3.  Is the room set up and ready before the first member arrives?

____    4.  Are the youth bringing and using their Bibles?

____    5.  Are the youth investigating Bible content?

____    6.  Are they practicing “Total Period Teaching” (large group time and small group time both relate to same teaching aim)?

____    7.  Do the walls contain items from the resource kit for the unit (and only this unit)?

____    8  Are the members involved in discussion and work rather than the teachers doing all the talking, etc.?

____    9.  Are member involvement methods being used (drama, art, creative writing, etc.)?

____    10.  Do the teachers have all the resources they need?

____    11.  Is there someone other than youth keeping records?

____    12.  Do the leaders know the names of the members?

____    13.  Do youth ministry leaders and sponsors evidence understanding of unit teaching?

____    14.  Do teachers have an appropriate size group (approximately 6 to 10)?


(Comments will NOT be posted or made public.)


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