More notes from book, Essential Church

The following highlights are from the book, Essential Church,* by Thom and Sam Rainer.  The research is referenced in our study of the booklet, CONNECT3, by David Francis.

Young adults want to hear the hard things and tough issues.  Dying churches rob them of this.  Here are the 7 Sins of a Dying Church:

1.  doctrinal dilution
2.  loss of evangelistic passion
3.  failure to be relevant
4.  few outward-focused ministries
5.  conflict over personal preferences
6.  the priority of comfort
7.  Biblical illiteracy

How churches can overcome these 7 things:

1.  simplify:  put in place the right structure
2.  deepen:  deliver the right content
3.  expect:  embrace high expectations
4.  multiply:  take the right actions and make more opportunities


* Thom S. Rainer and Sam Rainer III, Essential Church?  Reclaiming a Generation of Dropouts (Nashville:  B&H Publishing Group, 2008).


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